DCNS has been awarded a contract to provide through-life support (TLS) services for the French Navy La Fayette-class frigates at Toulon Naval base.

Under the €60m contract, DCNS will provide TLS services for five French Navy La Fayette frigates (Aconit, Courbet, Guépratte, La Fayette and Surcouf) for a period of five years beginning 2011.

The company has also assigned a dedicated resources and management team as additional support for the contract to meet refit workloads.

The 410.1ft La Fayette class light multi-mission stealth frigates have a fully loaded displacement capacity of 3,200-3,600t, can carry a crew of 153 and cruise at a speed of 25kt.

The frigate is armed with a 100mm cannon and two 20mm guns, Exocet MM-40 anti-ship missiles and short-range Crotale anti-air missiles.