The Pakistan Navy has successfully test-fired a medium-range ballistic missile, the Ghauri Hatf 5, at the end of a field-training military drill.

The Ghauri Hatf 5 missile is powered by a single-stage liquid fuel rocket motor and can deliver conventional and nuclear warheads over a distance of 1,300km, as well as carrying a payload of 700kg.

A statement issued by the Pakistan Navy did not disclose much about the range or other technical details of the weapons fired.

“Pakistan Navy fleet today tested its fire power in the north Arabian Sea to assess lethality, precision and efficacy of its weapon system,” the statement said.

The tests also included anti-surface missiles from an F-22P frigate, air-to-surface missiles from P-3C aircraft and submarine surface-to-surface missiles from Agosta 90B submarines.

Pakistan tested the short-range Hatf III and medium-range Hatf IV ballistic missiles in May 2010.