Saab has received a follow-on order from Rheinmetall to equip the Federal German Navy vessels with radar ESM and laser warning systems.

The self-protection system is a part of an integrated warfare solution in combination with Rheinmetall’s multi-ammunition softkill system (MASS), and provides protection against radar and laser-guided threats.

Radar ESM is a compact, high-performance, tactical system that intercepts, measures, characterises and identifies signals.

The naval laser warner system (NLWS) detects and classifies range finders, designators, beam riders and dazzlers and is capable of identifying lasers sources with the aid of a threat library.

MASS is a highly sophisticated decoy system for use against anti-ship missiles and laser guided threats.

Saab also supplies the self-protection systems to countries such as Greece, Portugal, South Africa, South Korea, the UAE and Germany.