The UK Royal Navy will launch its biggest nuclear submarine, HMS Ambush, worth £1.2bn, at Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria on 16 December.

The 291ft-long HMS Ambush has a displacement capacity of 7,400t and its nuclear-powered engine can propel it to cruise at a speed of 20kt whilst accommodating a crew of 98.

HMS Ambush is armed with 38 missiles, a mix of Tomahawk cruise missiles and Spearfish heavyweight torpedoes, to target enemy ships and submarines more than 1,600km away.

The nuclear submarine has a huge nuclear reactor, does not require refuelling and can circumnavigate the globe without surfacing.

The submarine is also fitted with the most advanced sonar and radar, capable of detecting enemy ships from a distance of 3,000nm.

The vessel will be sent for further outfitting, testing and trials after the launch, according to the Press Trust of India.