The Indian Navy has received its first lot of 20 indigenous anti-submarine missiles.

The rockets were developed in two variants that can strike at a range of 1.5km and 6km, and were classified as ‘practice’ and ‘high explosive’.

The surface-to-water anti-submarine missiles can be launched from the ship and are capable of destroying any submarine in a depth of 30-300m.

Designed by the Ammunition Factory, Khadki (AFK), the rocket can carry up to 28kg of tri nitro terylene explosive. Several environmental tests on the rockets were carried out successfully.

The factory has a capacity to produce 1,000 per year and the navy needs 3,000 such pieces, according to The Times of India.

Indian Naval Armament Inspection director general Rear Admiral S Kulshrestha said the induction of the rockets will strengthen the fire power of the Indian Navy and will reduce its dependence on foreign countries.

“This will also enhance the value of production of the ammunition factory by more than Rs600m to Rs1bn ($13m to 22m) per year,” he added.