The Iranian Navy is planning to mass produce new long-range submarines and to deploy more warships in the Persian Gulf, Iranian Navy’s deputy commander rear admiral Gholam-Reza Khadem Bigham has said.

“Soon, another fleet of warships will officially start its activity in Jask and another subsurface fleet will be assigned to the Western coastal region of Konarak,” he said.

“One of the navy’s prime missions is to monitor trans-regional fleets because any one of them can be a potential enemy for the country,” he added.

Iran is constructing submarines and other vessels of various classes and capabilities in cooperation with the Defense Industries Organization, according to Press TV.

Military establishments are being set up in the port town of Jask to create new harbours in the country’s southern waters and to host more naval units.

The country has recently deployed its domestically-built Jamaran destroyer in the ongoing patrolling and monitoring missions in the Northern Indian Ocean.