Babcock will provide a number of significant upgrades in a substantial refit of the UK Navy’s type 23 frigate, the HMS Kent.

The upgrades will include fitting a Sonar 2087, the tactical variable depth active and passive anti-submarine warfare system.

The upgrade includes the DNA(2) Command System, the SeaWolf mid-life update comprising tracking, guidance and weapon management upgrades, the 4.5 Mk8 Mod1 gun replacement, and a 30mm automatic gun fit.

The Kent will also receive the new Defence Information Infrastructure (Future) system to enable information sharing and collaboration across the defence sector network.

Babcock will undertake a total of 19 alterations and additions (A&As) including Nato radial filters, a sophisticated incident detection system, and the nuclear biological chemical defence incident surveillance system.

The upgrades will be accomplished alongside a full programme of deep maintenance that includes structural repairs, renewal of hull coatings, refurbishment and maintenance of all the ship’s systems and equipment.

The programme will be undertaken within a 50-week timeframe and the current maintenance period will be completed in November 2011.