Congress is expected to approve US Navy plans to alter a wording change to move forward with a plan to buy littoral combat ships from two builders.

The navy has plans to buy 20 ships, costing $480m each, of two different designs from Marinette Marine, which is working with Lockheed, and an Alabama yard that is contracted by Austal.

A review of the proposals from both companies indicated that the navy could purchase both designs without allocating more funding for the programme, according to Green Bay Press Gazette.

Marinette Marine CEO and president Richard McCreary said the change could be approved within two weeks.

“We have a lot of political support. We believe this will get done because it’s truly a language change, it’s not new money … but again it’s a work in progress,” he said.

The dual purchase option will be approved by Congress by the middle of December and if the option is not approved, a single supplier will be selected.