The British Royal Navy has launched the newest Batch 2 River-class offshore patrol vessel (OPV), HMS Tamar, at BAE Systems’ Govan shipyard.

The patrol boat was lowered into the water at the BAE facility and then towed 3km downstream to the company’s Scotstoun site, where outfitting of the vessel will be performed.

At the Scotstoun facility, HMS Tamar will join the second and third River-class vessels, HMS Trent and HMS Medway respectively, which are currently undergoing outfitting.

In addition, the Royal Navy OPV HMS Medway is to depart for its maiden voyage in November.

With the completion of sea trials, the naval ship is expected to move to Portsmouth early next year.

“The naval ship is expected to move to Portsmouth early next year.”

Royal Navy commanding officer lieutenant commander Hugh Harris said: “We on HMS Medway are extremely excited for the challenges ahead and the imminent sea trials, and subsequent first entry into Portsmouth.

“My ship’s company continue to work hard to meet every future milestone and ultimately fulfil all the responsibilities required of her as she comes into service next year.”

While the final River-class OPV, HMS Spey, is slated for launch, the lead ship of the class, HMS Forth, is due to be back at sea.

Once deployed, all five vessels will carry out operations such as fishery protection work and general maritime security duties in national waters. They will also have the capability to perform overseas patrol missions similar to the first batch of River-class ships.