Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Fleet Logistics Center (FLC) Sigonella in Italy has awarded a contract with a ceiling value of $2.1bn to support the Department of Defense’s (DOD) maritime forces.

The worldwide husbanding services contract will also aid other US Government agencies, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and other foreign vessels which participate in Military or NATO exercises and missions.

Husbanding services are an important part of the support needed when the US Navy vessels visit commercial and military ports around the world.

Commercial Husbanding Service Providers (HSPs) offer logistics needs including, force protection, water, tugs and waste removal. They also supply electricity, phone lines and transportation to a ship and crew.

Through a network of eight Fleet Logistics Centers in Norfolk in Virginia, Jacksonville in Florida, San Diego in California, Puget Sound in Washington, Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, Yokosuka in Japan, Manama in Bahrain and Sigonella in Italy, NAVSUP will oversee the HSP Global Multiple Award Contract (MAC).

The contract is named HSP Global MAC as 32 companies were awarded.

NAVSUP commander rear admiral Peter Stamatopoulos said: “The operational logistics required to support a globally dispersed naval force presents complex challenges.

“Sustainment for warships, aircraft and expeditionary detachments of differing mission and size must be planned, orchestrated, synchronized and integrated all over the world.

“Commercial HSP contractors provide an adaptable mix of unique skill sets, flexibility and local knowledge in support of joint and naval operations that a strictly naval force cannot cultivate for all scenarios.”

Additionally, the contract will provide the maritime forces with ‘high level of support’ in any port, decrease contract duplication; better leverage the buying power of the US government and drive greater transparency.