Naval Group and partner Santierul Naval Constanta (SNC) have been selected by the Romanian Government to build four Gowind multi-mission corvettes.

The partners are also required to modernise the Romanian Navy’s T22 frigates and construct a maintenance centre and training facility.

In a statement, Naval Group said: “The Naval Group and SNC teams are honoured by the trust of the Romanian authorities and look forward to working together to provide the Romanian Navy with the four state-of-the art Gowind corvettes.”

Naval Group participated in the bid for the programme in partnership with SNC.

Under the €1.2bn deal, Naval Group and SNC will deliver the first of the four ships in 2022, Reuters reported.

Companies signed a memorandum of understanding in November 2017 followed by an exclusive partnership agreement in April last year to build these corvettes.

The tender process for procurement of the vessels began in March last year.

The Gowind multi-mission corvette features the Setis combat management system (CMS). It provides capabilities for anti-surface warfare (ASuW), anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and anti-air warfare (AAW).

Naval Group added: “The Gowind is the perfect solution for Romania to carry out its strategic missions as a major Nato partner in the Black Sea and will also strengthen European Defence capabilities.”

The French company noted that it will transfer the necessary know-how to SNC to facilitate construction of the vessels in Romania.

Romania intends to boost its capabilities in the Black Sea and this deal is intended to be part of these plans.

Other companies that showcased interest in the bid include Damen.