Australia’s Naval Group has entered a sub-contract with British engineering services company Babcock International Group to design the weapon discharge system for the Attack-class submarines.

Babcock offers services in various segments, including marine and technology, defence and security, support services and international.

Australia Minister for Defence Linda Reynolds said that the development of the weapon discharge system is a critical part of the overall design of the submarine.

The purpose of the discharge system is to launch the submarine main weapons, including torpedoes and anti-ship missiles.

Babcock already provides in-service supporter to systems that have already been installed on the Collins-class submarine and Hobart-class guided-missile destroyers.

The sub-contract with Babcock is intended to provide support to the operation and sustainment of the Attack-class, while expanding the involvement of Australian industry.

Under the Australian Government’s $50bn programme, 12 regionally superior submarines will be designed and built in Australia.

The Australia Minister for Defence said in a statement: “Our government is committed to maximising local industry involvement in the Attack-class programme to ensure Australians get the most out of this important national investment.”

Under the contract, Babcock will transfer the necessary intellectual property (IP) to its Australian subsidiary, Babcock Australia, which will act as the engineering design authority.

This will include training, maintenance and managing the supply chain, which will create around 170 new jobs for the build and sustainment of the system.

So far, 220 Australian companies have been identified as having the potential to become involved in the work following completion of the design phase.

The sub-contract is the fourth for major subsystems for the Attack-class submarine established by the Naval Group this year.