Naval Group has awarded a subcontract to Jeumont Electric to design the main electric propulsion equipment for Australia’s future submarines.

The agreement means Jeumont Electric will design the equipment for the Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN) Attack-class submarines.

The mechanism followed by the main electric propulsion equipment involves the conversion of electrical power into mechanical power to propel the submarine.

Naval Group signed a Strategic Partnering Agreement (SPA) with the Australian Government in February for the Future Submarine Program.

Australia intends to acquire 12 ‘regionally superior submarines’.

The lead submarine in the Attack-class will be called HMAS Attack. Deliveries to the navy are expected to begin in the early 2030s.

The Australian Department of Defence (Dod) said in a statement: “The selection of Jeumont Electric recognises the company’s significant experience on submarine programmes, including Australia’s Collins-class submarine programme.

“The engagement of Jeumont Electric has been undertaken with the objectives of maximising Australian industry involvement in the Attack-class submarine programme, and ensuring we continue to develop the sovereign capacity to build, operate and sustain our submarines in Australia.”

To deliver the contract, Jeumont Electric will establish a subsidiary in Australia. It will support the operation and sustainment of the subsystem.

Jeumont Electric Australia will serve as the engineering design authority.

Services to be provided by the company includes training, maintenance activities and spare part management.

The DoD added that the project will also encourage other domestic firms to supply components of the main electric propulsion equipment.

The contract comes after Naval Group awarded two subcontracts for the Attack-class submarine programme earlier this year.

In May, Schneider Electric France was tasked with designing the main DC switchboards. MTU won the subcontract to design the diesel generator rectifiers in April.

Earlier this month, Jeumont Electric signed a heads of agreement with ASC to explore opportunities to work together.

The two companies are looking to partner for work on the Collins-class and Attack-class submarine programmes. The partnership will also include the country’s marine generator and electrical machinery market.