Naval Group has signed multiple agreements with Australian firms to support the production of naval countermeasure solutions.

The company entered into memorandums of understanding (MoUs) with nine different companies.

Naval Group is proposing the CANTO anti-torpedo decoy countermeasure solutions for the Royal Australian Navy.

The company will leverage the expertise of local companies. The companies include Archer Enterprises, which is involved in precision CNC machining and fabrication, and Axiom Precision Manufacturing, which produces precision electro-mechanical components.

Other companies include BB Engineering, Baron Rubber, GPC Electronics, Land Air Sea Space, MacTaggart Scott Australia, CAMPAGNO Engineering, and Verseng Group.

Naval Group’s CANTO is based on Dilution/Confusion multi-effects. The company is offering the system as a solution to equip Australia’s submarine and surface ships with advanced anti-torpedo countermeasures.

Once the solution is launched into the water, it generates numerous high-level 360° acoustic signals to cover the full frequency range of the attacking torpedo.

The system can be used to help navies protect mission-essential units.

In 2016, Naval Group conducted operational trials of the CANTO 130mm anti-torpedo decoy to test the capability of the solution to divert incoming torpedoes away from their original target.

The system can dilute/confuse the homing ability of the torpedo by generating false targets, which draw the attention of the incoming torpedo and ensure the protection of the ship.