Naval Group has established a subsidiary company in Australia to focus on research and development (R&D) initiatives.

The new subsidiary, Naval Group Pacific, is headquartered in Sydney and also has a presence in Melbourne and Adelaide.

It will manage the group’s commercial activities in the Australasia region.

Naval Group is the international design and build partner for the future submarine programme, which seeks to construct 12 advanced submarines for the Royal Australian Navy.

The $50bn project for the Attack-class future submarines is handled by Adelaide-based Naval Group Australia.

Naval Group Pacific will work with Australian universities and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) on defence research.

Its focus areas will be sales and programme management of the Naval Group’s portfolio of advanced technology products, systems and services.

The company will also form partnerships with the Australian industry.

Naval Group CEO and chairman Hervé Guillou said: “Naval Group Pacific will rely on a long term partnership culture and leverage the dynamic R&D policy of its parent company to solve some of the local defence industry’s most critical challenges.

“Naval Group Pacific will make Australia a global R&D Centre of Excellence for Naval Group, with a policy to privilege cooperation, gathering industry, academia and government to develop new marine defence technologies.

“The new subsidiary represents Naval Group’s commitment to the region and further demonstrates the great potential for ongoing industry collaboration, development of capability, and pioneering innovation.”

In a separate development, Naval Group has signed a training initiative with ASC to train the next generation of submarine builders.

Naval Group will select the first three apprentices to be trained by ASC from January next year.