Australian company National Aboriginal Construction Partners (NACP) Projects has secured a prime contract to build a Nulka missile assembly and maintenance facility.

The $18.2m (A$23.9m) facility will be constructed at the Defence Establishment Orchard Hills in New South Wales (NSW).

NACP Projects is expected to employ some 200 workers over the project’s ten-month construction period. Around 50 to 80 workers will be present daily on-site.

The company secured the contract under the government’s ‘Indigenous Procurement Policy’.

Australian Defence Industry Minister Melissa Price said: “This contract exemplifies our strong commitment to the Closing the Gap initiative by providing dedicated opportunities for Indigenous companies.

“NACP Projects is committed to achieving 95% local industry participation for the supply of goods and services for the project.”

Built by an American/Australian collaboration, Nulka is a rocket-propelled active missile decoy system launched from a ship. It is designed to draw anti-ship missiles away from their intended target.

It uses advanced hovering rocket, an autonomous system, as well as electronic technologies to provide frigates with an effective, ‘all-weather defence’ against anti-ship missiles.

Price added: “The system is currently deployed on more than 150 Australian, US and Canadian warships, making it one of Australia’s most successful export stories.

“The project will provide administration, assembly, maintenance and storage facilities to support the Nulka decoy missile.”

Work will begin this month with plans to complete it by early next year. The project will support Nulka’s manufacture, maintenance, sustainment and export.