Japanese shipbuilder Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has launched the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force’s (JMSDF) fifth Mogami-class multi-role frigate.

The launch and naming ceremony was held at the company’s shipyard in Nagasaki on 23 June.

According to a tweet by the JMSDF, the newest vessel has been named Yahagi (FFM-5).

The frigate has been named after Yahagi River that flows through Nagano Prefecture’s Mount Ōkawairi, Gifu Prefecture, and Aichi Prefecture in Japan.

JMSDF said in a tweet: “23 JUN, the naming and launching ceremony was held at Nagasaki Works, MHI. The newest FFM was named YAHAGI, the 5th MOGAMI class. Her name comes from ‘Yahagi River’ flows through Nagano, Gifu, and Aichi prefecture.”

The Mogami-class frigates are 133m-long, 16.3m wide and 9m deep and have a standard displacement of 3,900t.

Besides, the multi-role vessels have combined diesel and gas (CODAG) propulsion system and can provide a speed of around 30 knots. They can accommodate a crew of up to 90 personnel.

Each vessel is equipped with a variety of weapon systems including a 1×62 calibre 5-inch or Mk 45-gun system, a SeaRAM anti-ship missile defence system and remote-control machine guns.

The first four vessels of this class are JS Mogami (FFM-1), Kumano (FFM-2), JS Noshiro (FFM-3) and JS Mikuma (FFM-4).

MHI launched the first Mogami-class frigate, JS Mogami, in March last year, followed by the launch of fourth vessel JS Mikuma same year in December.