The Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center (MARMC) has repaired the ship service turbine generator (SSTG) of the US Navy’s Wasp-class amphibious assault vessel, USS Bataan.

The intermediate maintenance activity (IMA) repair involved multiple sailors, mechanics, and technical experts from numerous departments throughout the command.

Work was led by The Production Department , along with steam propulsion, rigging, and lagging shops.

MARMC performed the repair of the trip throttle valve, labyrinth seals, and bearings to the upper and lower turbine.

The maintenance centre was assisted by Bataan’s engineers.

The SSTG successfully completed an operational load test on 19 July this year.

USS Bataan commanding officer captain Gregory Leland said: “We, as a surface force repair enterprise, need to continue to push IMA-level repairs to Code 900 to rebuild our Sailor’s expertise, to give the operational commanders increased flexibility to more effectively repair ships, and support training and operations to increase the operational availability of our fleet.”

MARMC Diesel Shop Lead Supervisor George Tellefsen said: “We’re all skilled mechanics, but this was new to some of us. In our shop, you have diesel mechanics and gas turbine mechanics, and although we’ve worked on steam turbines before, we’ve never done a complete SSTG.”

The USS Bataan (LHD-5) amphibious ready group (ARG) completed its first surface warfare advanced tactical training (SWATT) exercise last week.

SWATT is intended to provide advanced tactical training to increase surface force lethality and tactical proficiency.

The exercise involved an in-port academic session and an underway training phase.

The Bataan ARG consists of USS Bataan, USS New York (LPD 21), USS Oak Hill (LSD 51), and embarked Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 28 (HSC 28) and Naval Beach Group Two assets.