Aerospace and defence company Lockheed Martin has been awarded a $35.7m contract for AEGIS Combat System Engineering Agent efforts by the Naval Sea Systems Command, Washington, DC. 

According to the contract, the work will be performed in Moorestown, New Jersey, and is expected to be completed by December 2023.

The AEGIS Combat System Engineering Agent is an advanced system that allows the US Navy to detect, track, and engage threats in the air, on the surface, and underwater.

The Advanced Capability Build 20 is expected further to enhance the capabilities of the AEGIS Combat System, making it more effective and efficient in defending against potential threats.

The Arleigh Burke Class is being built around the Aegis Combat System, according to a GlobalData report. The Arleigh Burke is a class of guided missile destroyers (DDGs) being constructed for the US Navy.

This latest contract is just one of the many awards that Lockheed Martin has received from the US Navy. The company has been a partner of the Navy for several years, providing solutions to meet their needs.

Lockheed Martin has a long history of designing and delivering advanced technologies for the US military, including the F-35 Lightning II fighter jet, the MH-60R Seahawk helicopter, and the GPS III satellite system.

The AEGIS Combat System Engineering Agent efforts will undoubtedly play a role in enhancing the capabilities of the US Navy. With the completion of the project expected by December 2023, the navy can look forward to having an even more advanced system to defend the nation’s interests.

GlobalData aerospace, defence, and security analyst James Marques provided his take on how this contract will improve the AEGIS combat system, “It will be hard to say exactly what’s in each upgrade package and it may well be classified, but it’ll be aiming to keep AEGIS ‘aware’ of developments in rival nation’s weapons and equipment.

“So if China starts using a new type of missile, an AEGIS upgrade might help it identify that new missile on its radar. As military technology becomes more and more defined by computers and software, then there’s an almost constant stream of improvements you can make.”

Lockheed Martin has recently recorded $15.1bn in sales in Q1 2023 and a segment operating profit of $1.7bn, representing a 16% growth from Q1 2022.