Leonardo has signed a strategic agreement with LACROIX, which will see the companies collaborate for the development and integrations of solutions in the naval countermeasures sector.

The partnership will focus on new technologies and new business opportunities, initially for the SYLENA Mk2/MJTE solution.

The SYLENA MK2 DLS (Decoy Launching System) of LACROIX will be integrated with MJTE (Mobile Jammer Target Emulator) anti-torpedo countermeasures of Leonardo.

MJTE can emulate the host platform’s signature and acoustics and emit a jamming signal, which will create false targets.

This will permit the targeted vessel to carry out effective evasive manoeuvres.

The partnership between the two companies will expand the market for both the solutions.

SYLENA MK2 has a compact and lightweight form factor, which makes it appropriate for small and medium-sized vessels. This expands the MJTE’s potential user base.

Furthermore, the capabilities of the MJTE are claimed to boost the use of the SYLENA MK2 system.

Leonardo Electronics Defense Systems head Andrea Padella said: “This agreement reaffirms Leonardo’s ability to interpret, respond to and often anticipate market needs.

“There is a clear synergy in this partnership with LACROIX as together we can offer a sophisticated anti-submarine countermeasure solution, even for platforms with limited space.

“These require compact and lightweight launch systems, which can simultaneously deliver Anti-Air Warfare and Anti-Submarine capabilities.”

LACROIX Defense COO François Moulinier added: “Following the work we have undertaken with Leonardo to integrate SYLENA within their Athena-C combat management system as part of ongoing contracts, this collaboration is a natural next step in the development of joint solutions.”