Leonardo DRS’ Link-22 Signal Processing Controller (SPC) has successfully completed interoperability testing, showing full compliance with Nato Improved Link Eleven (NILE) Link-22 Block Cycle 9 specifications.

With the completion of testing, the SPC has now become a fully compliant Link-22 solution for existing and emerging mission needs for global users.

The latest achievement clears the path for the company to supply the capability to additional allies and member nations supporting operations within the INDOPACOM theatre.

Leonardo DRS has worked in close cooperation with the NILE team. During testing, the solution successfully completed all cycles and posture for future technological advancements.

In high-frequency or ultra-high frequency communications, the Link 22 SPC is designed to deliver all necessary modem functions for system usage.

They are deployed by the US military and other allied military forces to aid in the exchange of information among airborne, land-based, and shipboard tactical data systems.

Link-22 tactical datalinks are used as the primary means of exchanging information, including radar tracking data beyond the line of sight (BLOS).

Leonardo DRS Airborne and Intelligence Systems business senior vice-president and general manager Larry Ezell said: “Leonardo DRS is very proud to provide a fully-compliant Link-22 solution to our allies around the world.

“These systems are positioned for current and emerging mission requirements and the signal processor controllers ensure US and allied forces have the best long-haul communications and situational awareness possible.”

To date, nearly 1,100 Link-22-capable SPCs and over 3,000 Link-11 data terminal sets have been delivered, deployed, or are on order across the world.