Leidos has participated and demonstrated autonomous naval capabilities in the Joint Logistics Over-The-Shore (JLOTS) exercise.

JLOTS was conducted in support of multinational exercise Defender Europe 21 in Albania.

It is a joint Army-Navy exercise involving the movement of vehicles, supplies, and other warfighting equipment. JLOTS is aimed at the rapid deployment of combat-capable forces.

Leidos demonstrated its next generation capabilities as part of US Marine Corps (USMC) Warfighting Lab programme Autonomous Littoral Connector (ALC).

The ALC programme is an extension of the Sea Hunter and Seahawk autonomous vessels.

It has an autonomous LCM-8 and LCU that are currently part of the US Navy’s Assault Craft Unit TWO.

Leidos’ autonomous capabilities helped increase the LCM-8’s existing mission.

According to Leidos, the ALC programme demonstrated its existing and future ship-to-shore capabilities while operating autonomously as part of a deployed littoral group.

A sailor remotely moored the vessel to the roll-on-roll-off deployment facility during the exercise. In addition to autonomously beaching itself, the vessel even carried a load to the pier from the Sealift Command ship.

The entire demonstration was monitored by the mission control system in the events command tent. It also provided situational awareness and assigned tasks to the craft.

Upon the completion of the exercise, ALC’s autonomous LCU will be prepared for deployment with a Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU).

In April, Leidos successfully delivered a medium-displacement uncrewed surface vehicle (MDUSV) to the US Navy designed to deliver enhanced naval capabilities.