Kraken Robotics has received order worth $1.5m from a US defence customer for its AquaPix synthetic aperture sonars (SAS).

The delivery of the 6000-meter rated systems is expected this year.

These systems will be integrated to the customer’s autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs).

Kraken claimed that demand for its SAS products has significantly grown and this year, it expects to deliver about 3x the volume as against the previous years.

The demand for its SAS products is due to a mix of several factors including customer desire for robust intelligence about subsea infrastructure in both shallow and deep-water installations; growing adoption of SAS as against conventional side scan sonar; and the modularity of its SAS as well as its successful integrations on more than 20 underwater platforms.

Because of the increased range, resolution, and higher useable area coverage rate as against traditional side scan sonar systems, the capabilities of SAS in naval, scientific, and commercial applications expands.

Furthermore, due to the modularity of Kraken’s SAS to cross many platforms, military customers can streamline their post mission analysis by having the same sonar resolution and ATR performance across their complete fleet of vehicles as well as mission requirements.

This latest contract comes as Kraken received a $1.3m purchase order earlier this week from an unnamed customer for its AquaPix synthetic aperture sonars (SAS).

Following the delivery of these systems this year, these will be integrated to a NATO Navy’s AUVs for use in minehunting and security applications.

In December last year, Kraken Robotics’ AquaPix Miniature Synthetic Aperture Sonar (MINSAS) system was selected for HII’s new REMUS 620 Medium Class UUV as the standard payload offering.