Kraken Robotics has secured a $1.1m purchase order to deliver multiple AquaPix synthetic aperture sonars (SAS) for Nato navy customers.

The company revealed that the AquaPix sonars are being procured to equip the autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) of two different Nato navies.

According to Kraken, AquaPix is a time efficient system capable of enhancing the survey results and offering highest resolution seabed pixel.

This system can be deployed with the naval vessels to provide rapid environmental assessment, mine countermeasures as well as intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities.

Deliveries under the order, awarded by an unnamed customer, are anticipated to take place in the first half of next year.

The AquaPix SAS is a configurable and cost-effective system that has been designed to replace the high-end side scan systems.

This off-the-shelf system provides higher range, better resolution and improved area coverage rates than the conventional Side Scan Sonar systems.

It is a modular and versatile system that can be used for long range, 2cm x 2cm ultra high-definition SAS imaging.

The capability can be used with small, man-portable vehicles and is currently in use with more than 20 different types of underwater vehicle platforms deployed in shallow water as well as in the full ocean depth.

The SAS system allows military customers to conduct various post mission analysis using the same sonar resolution and automatic target recognition performance in the entire fleet.

Earlier this year, Kraken Robotics Systems won an additional follow-on contract to provide mine hunting systems to an undisclosed Nato navy customer.