Kongsberg Maritime (KM) has signed a contract with Finland-based design, development and engineering firm Aker Arctic Technology under the Finnish Navy’s Squadron (SQ) 2020 ships.

Under the new contract, KM will provide propellers and shafts for the Finnish Navy’s four newly built SQ2020 vessels, the Pohjanmaa-class multi-role corvettes.

The process of this contract began in September 2019 when the Finnish Defence Forces Logictics Command (FDFLOGCOM) awarded a contract to Aker Arctic to design and deliver complete shaft line system for SQ2020 corvettes.

Besides, the FDFLOGCOM selected Finland’s Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC) yard to build the corvettes.

KM will supply controllable pitch propellers (CPP) and shafts for the four vessels, each equipped with two propellers comprising f propeller blades, hubs and shafts.

Aker Arctic Equipment Business head Kari Laukia said: “KM’s reputation for first-rate reliability, efficiency, build quality and cost-effectiveness swung the discussion in their favour when it came to sourcing CP-propeller systems for the new corvettes.

“We can look forward to the vessels emerging from the RMC shipyard in complete confidence, knowing we’ve selected the best equipment for us to do the job.”

The CPP comes in three different variants – ice-class, nozzle and open-water, featuring either four or five blades of high skew, moderate skew, nozzle or conventional types.

KM’s Kamewa CP-A propeller system includes blade foot and blade bearing arrangement designed to avoid peak pressures and reduce cavitation.

The CP-A system also provides an improvement of 20% in terms of power-to-weight ratio when compared with its precursor.

This system has a controllable pitch hub shape, which cuts down on drag, and has a size that suits the power outputs from 500kW to 75MW.