Norwegian company Kongsberg has revealed that the Spanish Navy is planning to procure its Naval Strike Missile (NSM) capability.

The company said that the confirmation about this potential deal was provided by the Spanish Navy.

The new missile system will be procured to replace the existing Harpoon anti-ship missile, which is expected to retire from service.

The NSM will be equipped onto the Spanish Navy’s existing Álvaro de Bazán-class or F-100 frigates, as well as onto the future Bonifaz-class or F-110 vessels, being constructed by Navantia.

Any further details about the NSM procurement will be provided after the official contract award.

In addition, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace has received a separate order from Raytheon Missiles & Defense to supply NSM for the US Navy.

This order has an estimated value of $33.390m (Nkr328m).

The NSM is being procured under the US Navy’s Over-The-Horizon Weapon System (OTH WS) programme.

In 2017, Raytheon, as the prime contractor, collaborated with Kongsberg to bid for the OTH WS programme.

Following the successful bid, an order with a $794.040m (Nkr7.8bn) cumulative value was announced under this OTH WS framework agreement in May 2018.

Kongsberg said, as part of this agreement, it has secured orders worth $175.70m (Nkr1762m) until now.

Kongsberg Missile Systems division director Øyvind Kolset said: “We register a significant increase in the annual call-offs.

“This creates jobs and demand for increased production capacity, both for us and our suppliers.

“As announced at Kongsberg’s CMD in June, the company has started a significant investment in a new missile factory.”

Kongsberg’s NSM is a flexible, long-range, multi-mission system that has high survivability against enemy air defence systems. It can be launched from a variety of platforms.