The Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency (NDMA) has selected Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KDA) to upgrade the combat system of the Royal Norwegian Navy’s (RNoN) Skjold-class corvettes.

Under the contract, the company will equip the Skjold-class FPBs with the same combat system that is being used in the RNoN’s Nansen-class anti-submarine warfare frigates.

The contract has an estimated value of $27.15m (NoK267m). It aims to extend the service life of the RNoN’s fast patrol boats (FPB).

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace division director Kjetil Reiten Myhra said: “When the Skjold class corvettes are to be upgraded with life extension technology, it is crucial to change the combat system on board to ensure combat capability during their lifetime.

“The upgrade mainly consists of a new combat management system (CMS), which is coordinated with the Nansen-class frigates.

“We will also do an updating of tactical data links and other functions in the combat system.”

The Skjold-class vessels are 47.5m-long, 13.5m-wide, 15m-tall and have a draught of ​2.5m.

Developed by Naval Group (formerly DCNS) and KDA, the existing fleet of six Skjold-class FPBs features Senit 2000 CMS.

The FPBs were primarily deployed for peacetime presence and maintaining the sovereignty in Norwegian waters.

Besides, the vessels can be deployed for the search and rescue missions and to support Special Forces near the coast.

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace president Eirik Lie said: “Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace are proud that we once more are given the trust to continue the work with life extension of Skjold-class.

“We are looking forward to integrating the best solutions of technology to provide combat readiness for the RNoN.”

Last year in December, the NDMA selected Saab to provide a complete communication system for different RNoN’s vessels, including Skjold-class FPBs.