Kongsberg and its joint venture (JV) partner ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems have unveiled a new combat system for non-nuclear submarines.

Named ORCCA, the combat system was introduced at the 7th International Submarine Conference SubCon 2019, which was held last week in Kiel, Germany.

The system is developed by JV company kta Naval Systems and provides adaptability and IT security.

ORCCA is designed to assist operators in decision-making by allowing them to conduct integrated data analysis using systems on board.

Operators will have access to the system’s multifunctional console to perform the analysis.

kta naval systems CEO Kathrin Rohloff said: “ORCCA is the most modern combat system for non-nuclear submarines on the market. We brought together the expertise of our colleagues at ATLAS ELEKTRONIK and Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace to create a unique combat system.

“We will equip all future submarines from thyssenkrupp with this highly integrated system.”

ORCCA has a modular design that allows further enhancements through the integration of new technologies in order to meet evolving mission needs.

This feature will allow customers to ensure the combat system is equipped with the latest technology to be adaptable to new requirements.

The system enables the integration of other subsystems and is compatible with all thyssenkrupp Marine Systems submarine classes.

ORCCA will also ensure interoperability in multinational missions such as Nato or EU missions.

thyssenkrupp Marine Systems said in a press release: “The communication between the systems onboard and to the national and in addition to the international domain modules is separated by a special IT infrastructure. ORCCA guarantees high speed and maximum security across the various communication channels.”

The quadrennial SubCon conference is organised by thyssenkrupp Marine Systems once every four years.

During the event, thyssenkrupp Marine Systems unveiled the 4th Generation Fuel Cell system for submarine applications.