Elbit Systems Of America subsidiary KMC Systems will contribute to the development and industrialisation of the US Navy’s ventilator designs, which are expected to help tackle the Covid-19 pandemic.

KMC was chosen by the Department of Defense – Defense Health Agency , United States Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office, and the Wright Brothers Institute members.

Under the Vulcan-5 Ventilator Project, five mature ventilator designs were selected and KMC is in the process of evaluating manufacturing capabilities and confirming component availability.

KMC was selected for this position because of its experience in design and manufacturing in an environment regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration.

The company recently completed the evaluation of an emergency ventilator prototype developed by the US Navy team at the Panama City Naval Water Warfare Center.

As part of the Vulcan-5 Ventilator Project, there was a demand for an inexpensive respirator to resuscitate the damaged lungs of Covid-19 patients.

The project aims to ensure that respirators are available at the peak of Covid-19 cases, where patient’s lungs require assisted breathing and ventilators are in short supply.

US Special Operations Command is sponsoring the Vulcan-5 Ventilator Project through the Vulcan Innovation platform to boost the delivery of solutions to national security companies.

The Wright Brothers Institute manages funds provided by the US Government and coordinates with participants who submitted five selected ventilator designs.

KMC vice-president and general manager Derek Kane said: “Our experience and expertise will help shape which designs are feasible for rapid delivery and, ultimately, help the country’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We’re eager to support this effort to bring needed technology to medical facilities and patients at an unprecedented speed.”