General Dynamics (GD) has commenced the construction of the US Navy’s Arleigh Burke-class (DDG 51) guided-missile destroyer, USS Patrick Gallagher (DDG 127).

The start of the construction was marked by a keel-laying ceremony held at Bath Iron Works (BIW) shipyard in Maine, US.

In 2018, the US Navy named the Arleigh Burke-class DDG 127 to honour Gallagher.

The ceremony also marked the 55th death anniversary of the US Marine Corps’ (USMC) corporal Patrick, who received the Navy Cross for his bravery during the Vietnam War.

During the ceremony, the initials of the ship sponsors, Teresa Keegan, Rosemarie Gallagher, and Pauline Gallagher, were etched onto a keel plate.

The future USS Patrick Gallagher can perform a wide range of missions including anti-submarine, anti-air, anti-surface and strike warfare.

Besides, the vessel has an Aegis Baseline 9C2 Combat System, which provides ballistic missile defence capabilities to the US Navy fleet.

DDG 127 is the final Flight IIA Arleigh Burke-class destroyer.

The DDG 51 Arleigh Burke-class programme is being managed by the US Department of Defense’s acquisition unit Program Executive Office (PEO) Ships.

PEO Ships DDG 51 class programme manager captain Seth Miller said: “The future USS Patrick Gallagher will strengthen our maritime dominance and bring proven capability to the fleet.

“This ship and all who serve aboard it will be a reminder of the steadfast commitment to our country that corporal Gallagher exhibited.”

Currently, General Dynamic’ BIW is working on US Navy future USS Carl M Levin (DDG 120), USS John Basilone (DDG 122), USS Harvey C Barnum Jr (DDG 124), USS Louis H Wilson Jr (DDG 126), USS William Charette (DDG 130) and USS Quentin Walsh (DDG 132).