JFD has been awarded a contract to provide in-service support for the Republic of Korea Navy’s (RoKN) deep search and rescue vehicle, DSAR-5.

Contracted by South Korean firms AMC and DSY, the company will support the Navy during DSAR-5’s midlife refit programme.

JFD is responsible for the delivery of various electrical and mechanical spare parts for the vehicle.

The support services will help maintain the operational capability of DSAR in the future.

The submarine rescue vehicle is set to undergo an overhaul inspection and major maintenance period later this year.

JFD strategy, sales & marketing director Alistair Wilson said: “We are delighted to continue to offer in-service support to the RoKN, ensuring our submarine rescue systems are maintained to the highest safety level.

“JFD’s deep search and rescue (DSAR) submarine rescue vehicles are designed and built with over 30 years of submarine rescue operational experience. We are proud to be able to offer our customers with parts, systems and services such as training, alongside our innovative submarine escape and rescue solutions.”

The DSAR-5 entered into service with the RoKN in 2008.

The company is also under contract to provide a new third generation deep search and rescue vehicle (DSRV) for the RoKN.

Designed to offer increased battery capacity and operational endurance, the DSRV requires less time for recharge and can be deployed rapidly in the event of an emergency.

It will begin sea trials on the Korean ASR-II submarine rescue ship this year.