JFD has secured a £7m contract extension from the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) to ensure Nato submariners are backed up by rescue operations.

With this extension of the contract, support will be provided to the Nato Submarine Rescue System (NSRS) until 2023.

In 2015, JFD secured a £12.1m contract to support the NSRS. The five-year contract covered all aspects of operation and through-life-support and included options until 2023.

NSRS was created in 2008 as a collaborative project between the UK, France and Norway. The programme aims to ensure that the submarine operations are safe.

It will provide rescue services to these countries and those allied Nato partners who signed the agreements.

JFD has been an integral part of the UK’s submarine rescue provision since 1983 and has been a part of NSRS since its inception.

With this latest contract, JFD will provide extensive training for all JFD submarine rescue systems for the three partner nations.

Under the deal, the company will provide engineering and technical support for system operation and maintenance during the availability of the service.

The system will deploy specialised vehicles to carry out rescue operations to collect the submariners after it receives a distress signal.

The team will decompress the submariners and return them above the sea in a safe manner.

UK Defence Minister Jeremy Quin said: “The safety of our personnel is of the utmost importance and I am pleased we have extended our submarine rescue capability contract with JFD, which will continue to support jobs in Scotland.

“This contract extension also represents our dedication to the Nato Submarine Rescue System and underpins our continued commitment to ensuring Nato submarine operations remain as safe as possible.”