Underwater capability provider JFD, part of James Fisher and Sons , has delivered a full-scale mock-up of its Search and Rescue Vehicle (SRV) built for the Republic of Korea Navy (ROKN).

In January last year, JFD secured a contract to design and build an advanced deep search and rescue vehicle (DSRV) for the ROKN.

South Korean shipbuilder Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME) awarded the contract as part of a comprehensive submarine rescue provision.

At present, DSME is constructing a new auxiliary submarine rescue ship for ROKN.

The SRV is being constructed according to the brief from the ROKN and will form an important part of the vessel.

It is expected to be delivered soon and will increase the operational capabilities of the submarine rescue service.

RKN will launch and recover the DSRV from the submarine rescue vessel through a moonpool.

The vehicle can be deployed in support of rescuing the crews of distressed submarines at depths of up to hundreds of metres.

The full scale SRV mock-up is expected to help DSME carry out factory acceptance tests (FATS) and harbour acceptance trials (HATS) of the Launch and Recovery system, which is on the new auxiliary submarine rescue ship.

It will also conduct familiarisation training for the LARS operators.

The measure is expected to ensure that the interfaces between the SRV and LARS are compatible before the integration of the vessel for an efficient process.

JFD managing director Danny Gray said: “Following the delivery of the SRV next year, we will continue to work with the Republic of Korea Navy and its partners in providing a comprehensive training and support programme that will ensure that the submarine rescue operations are carried out safely and efficiently.

“Protecting the lives of submariners is of utmost importance to JFD, and ensuring our customers have the most advanced and comprehensive submarine rescue capability is fundamental to this.

“We are pleased we can provide innovative solutions to meet our customer’s requirements and look forward to the SRV becoming operational next year.”

In February, JFD supplied two sets of life-saving equipment to the Indian Navy.