iXBlue has delivered the cyber ​security navigation system for the first Defense and Intervention Frigate (FDI) for the French Navy .

It was delivered to Naval Group under the project management of the French General Directorate of Armament (DGA).

This delivery is part of the contract between iXblue and Naval Group, which was signed in 2017.

The contract was for the integration of Marins inertial navigation systems and Netans data distribution and processing units on five frigates.

The Marins inertial navigation system is based on iXblue’s fibre optic gyroscope technology.

It is said to provide precise position, heading, roll, pitch and speed information in any location, including global navigation satellite system (GNSS) denied environments.

iXblue CEO Fabien Napolitano said: “It is the first time that iXblue systems have been chosen by Naval Group to equip a new-built major combat vessel for the French Navy.

“We are extremely proud to be part of this major programme to renew the French naval forces. This choice underlines the robustness and reliability of iXblue systems, and in particular their ability to respond to cyber security threats in environments where GNSS is inoperable.”

The Netans data distribution and processing unit is designed to directly interface with the sensors of the vessel to acquire, analyse, correlate and distribute data to a ship’s on-board systems.

Netans range offers reliable, consistent and exact navigation information in challenging environments, while addressing various cyber security issues faced by navies worldwide.

Naval Group programme director Olivier de la Bourdonnaye added: “We are very pleased to have iXblue among our partners for this ‘all-digital’ frigate programme, the new generation frigates for the French Navy.

“We know we can count on their cutting-edge expertise in the field of navigational calculations and cyber security to equip defence and intervention frigates with the best possible systems, meeting the needs of the French General Directorate of Armament (DGA).”