The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) have conducted live-fire tests of the Iron Dome Aerial Defense System’s advanced naval configuration.

Called C-Dome, the system is installed aboard the Israeli Navy’s Sa’ar 6 ‘Magen’ class corvette.

Israeli Defence Forces tweeted: “The series of tests simulated a number of advanced threats including rocket fire, cruise missiles & UAVs, which the ‘C-Dome’ is designed to successfully intercept.

“This live-fire test is an important milestone and demonstrates the operational capability of the Israeli Navy to defend the strategic assets and vital interests of the State of Israel against current and evolving threats.

“It joins several advanced systems in Israel’s multi-tier missile defence array, including the Arrow & David’s Sling.”

In a video released by the ministry, the system was seen intercepting a small uncrewed aerial vehicle, as well as a rocket launched toward the vessel and cruise missiles during testing.

Designed to intercept advanced threats, the C-Dome system was developed by the Israel Missile Defence Organisation in the Directorate for Defense R&D of Ministry of Defence, together with the IDF and Rafael.

Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz said: “The systems that we are developing as part of Israel’s multi-tier missile defence array enable us to operate against Iranian proxies in the region and defend against their weapon systems, which are constantly being upgraded.

“We continue to be two steps ahead of them and we will continue developing and upgrading our capabilities in order to maintain security superiority in the region.”

Last month, the Israeli Ministry of Defence agreed to acquire three new Dakar-class submarines from Germany’s thyssenkrupp Marine Systems.