The Iranian Navy has inducted two new domestically manufactured naval platforms, DeNA destroyer and Shahin minesweeper, into its fleet.

According to Iranian state media IRNA, the Dena destroyer was the fifth project of the ship-based missile launchers. The other four ships are already in service with the Iranian navy.

Iran President Hassan Rouhani was quoted by media sources as saying: “The defence ministry has achieved a major task today in supplying two ships to the Islamic Republic of Iran, the destroyer Dena and a minesweeper.”

The two new ships joined the Iranian naval fleet under the command of Hassan Rouhani. The induction ceremony was attended by several Army and Naval officials.

Iranian Defense Ministry Marine Industries Organization head rear admiral Amir Rastegari said that Dena’s fire control system has been manufactured by Iran Electronics Industries.

This fire control system is designed to track 40 targets and can engage with more than five targets at the same time.

He also said that Dena’s advanced telecommunication system features ‘anti-jamming’ capability.

Meanwhile, the Shahin minesweeper was manufactured by the Iranian navy forces and experts in Marine Industries Organization.

Shahin is fitted with a high-tech navigation system and can neutralise a wide range of mines in the sea.

Both vessels can sail 14,000km away from the country’s waters and require no docking in the ports of foreign nations.