The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in Iran has unveiled a heavy warship capable of carrying aircraft, drones and missile launchers.

The heavy ship was added to IRGC’s naval fleet, Reuters reported, citing state media.

The move comes at a time when relations between the US and Iran are at a historic low after the Trump administration withdrew from the nuclear deal and placed sanctions on the Middle-Eastern nation.

Tensions flared up again earlier this year when the US killed Iranian general Qassem Soleimani and Tehran attacked US military bases in Iraq in retaliation.

The new ship is named after slain IRGC naval commander Abdollah Roudaki.

Guards navy commander Ali Reza Tangsiri told state TV that the vessel will be used deep-water patrolling to protect maritime transportation lines, oil tankers, commercial and fishing fleets.

The ship has a length of around 150m and features a landing pad for helicopters.

According to an AP report, the warship was apparently launched as a response to the frequent US Navy patrols in the region by its Bahrain-based 5th Fleet.

However, the Fifth Fleet declined to comment on the launch of Iranian vessel.

Earlier this month, IRGC reportedly unveiled an indigenously-developed ballistic missile launching system.

The automated system is claimed to be capable of launching several long-range ballistic missiles.

Iran has been ramping up its military infrastructure in a bid to counter US military presence in the region, which the Iranian Government sees as a threat to its security.