InVeris Training Solutions’ 14 Mobile Weapon Training Simulation Systems (MWTSS) for the Australian Defence Force (ADF) have passed on-site acceptance testing.

The additional 73 EF88 weapon simulators for the ADF have also cleared the testing.

The fully digitised MWTSS has similar capabilities to the fixed WTSS.

The system will help hone the skills of defence personnel using the EF-88 assault rifle and other weapon systems.

MWTSS will have a single (4.2m x 2.4m) screen mobile configuration that will be deployed to remote locations around Australia, overseas and on Royal Australian Navy (RAN) fleet units.

An additional four MWTSS have been ordered and the tested trial system will be upgraded to the current build standard then returned for use.

This will bring the total count of the initial tranche to 19 systems.

InVeris Training Solutions strategy, sales and marketing vice-president Andrea Czop said: “MWTSS provides the highest levels of realism for marksmanship, judgmental, collective and call-for-fire training.

“These mobile systems will provide world-class firearms and tactical training capability anywhere the ADF is deployed.”

The MWTSS systems will be provided in ‘multiple configurations’ designed to meet the requirements of those units and regions receiving the capability.

Each system will have ‘purpose-designed Trimcast cases’ for air compressor, air cylinders, binoculars, and ancillaries.

The MWTSS replaces the Portable WTSS that began trials in 2006 and started operations as an interim solution in 2014.

MWTSS systems will be backed by the WTSS service support contract by InVeris. Instructor courses will be conducted starting this month at HMAS Penguin.

InVeris Training Solutions managing director Kevin McNaughton said: “InVeris has been a proud supplier of WTSS capability to the ADF since 1999.

“We remain a committed partner supporting the operational readiness of Australia’s soldiers, sailors and airmen with advanced simulation and training systems.”

Last September, the Government of Australia contracted InVeris for a mobile weapons training simulator as part of an ongoing effort to boost the domestic defence industry.