Spanish company Indra has received a contract to design, develop and test a new electronic intelligence (ELINT) system demonstrator for the Spanish Navy’s future vessels.

The contract has been awarded by the Spanish General Directorate of Armament and Material (Direction générale de l’armement – DGAM).

It falls under the country’s Santiago National Electronic Defence programme.

As part of the new contract, the company will develop a new generation signals intelligence system demonstrator. It will be installed on one of the Spanish warships for evaluation.

Apart from the Navy, the latest contract will also serve as the basis for the development of ELINT systems for the Spanish Army and the Air and Space Army.

It will ensure technological commonality in the intelligence system of different domains, allowing forces to exchange the required data and information more fluidly.

Equipped with advanced digital signal processing technology, ELINT demonstrator will allow the naval forces to adapt more flexibly in different operational scenarios.

The new digital broadband reception-based system will provide better performance, range and sensitivity for data collection in a more agile manner, while also providing a greater bandwidth for detecting low probability radars.

It will have a compact design and will consume less energy to operate that will further minimise the Spanish forces’ logistical footprint, facilitating uninterrupted operations for longer period.

Post installation, the new system will enhance the operational capabilities of the Spanish Navy ships and will simultaneously improve forces’ ability to detect, classify and extract intelligence information from the signals emitted by the radars of other armed forces.

In 2020, Indra secured a contract to provide advanced sensors, including Rigel i110 radar electronic defence and communications systems, for the Spanish Navy’s F110 class frigates.