The Indian Navy has reportedly inducted two Predator drones into its operations, under a lease agreement with a vendor from the US.

Media reports have quoted an official as saying that the drones arrived in India in the middle of this month.

Under the deal, a team was also deployed to guide the operations of the Predator drones.

The drones will be used to conduct surveillance operations in the Indian Ocean.

They are capable of being in the air for approximately 36 hours at heights of up to 40,000ft.

It is expected that the drones may also be deployed at the Ladakh borders amid the ongoing conflict with China.

Since May, India and China have been engaged in a military standoff in contested territories along the LAC in Ladakh.

The Predator drones will be leased to India for a period of one year. This agreement is said to enhance the military partnership of the US and India.

Last month, defence ministers of India and the US signed a Basic Exchange and Agreement (BECA) for geo-spatial cooperation.

It follows the signing of COMCASA in 2018 and LEMOA in 2016 in a bid to deepen the defence ties between the two countries.

The new Defence Acquisition Procedure of India has outlined that the military can lease platforms and weapon systems in a bid to save resources.

Last week, maritime forces from Australia, India, Japan, and the US wrapped up the second phase of the Exercise Malabar 2020.