Hensoldt UK has delivered a radar suite consisting of Kelvin Hughes Mk11 S and X Band systems for the Philippine Navy’s frigate BRP Jose Rizal.

Approved by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), SharpEye Mk11 radars leverage the Kelvin Hughes’ advanced solid state SharpEye Doppler technology, which enables users to gain situational awareness irrespective of weather conditions.

Situated upmast in the carbon composite turning unit housing, the solid-state SharpEye transceivers are claimed to be easy to install and reliable. As the radar uses a direct drive motor system instead of the traditional antenna rotator gearbox, maintenance is reduced.

This is one of the first complete radar suites being delivered by the company.

It includes the multimode naval radar with three dimensional capability, called TRS-3D, which is capable of air and sea surveillance.

This TRS-3D also features a secondary radar MSSR 2000 I with ‘identification-friend-or-foe’ (IFF) capability and SharpEye Mk11 radars.

Hensoldt UK Sales head Adrian Pilbeam said: “Hensoldt UK is pleased to be part of the modernisation of the Philippine Navy.

“The supply (of the) radar sensor suite from Hensoldt demonstrates the strength of the combined group in providing complete naval radar solutions.”

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) has delivered BRP Jose Rizal to the Philippine Navy.

The navy’s frigate BRP Antonio Luna is currently under construction by HHI and is scheduled to be delivered this year.