The German Navy has concluded the operational suitability test of the Vulcano 127mm guided ammunition, co-developed by Leonardo and Diehl Defence.

The testing was announced by Leonardo in a media statement.

Conducted in the northern Norwegian fjords, the recent test involved test firing of the Vulcano 127mm from the 127/64 Lightweight naval gun aboard the German Navy’s Baden-Wurttemberg-class vessel or F125 frigate Rheinland-Pfalz.

The test firing validated the precision verification capability of new ammunition in an operational scenario.

Furthermore, it allowed users to verify and assess the ammunition’s basic configuration with a height of burst sensor, as well as other configurations with terminal homing sensors, including semi-active laser and far infrared. 

Leonardo said that the successful firing from Baden-Wurttemberg-class will further drive the fielding process of the new ammunition across the German Navy vessels.

The Vulcano 127mm and 155mm precision-guided ammunitions have been co-developed by the companies to meet the requirements of the German and Italian navies.

Vulcano 127mm has a range of up to 80km and Vulcano 155mm can achieve 70km range. 

Both offer high accuracy rates against both stationary and moving targets. 

According to the German Navy’s announcement, the service is expected to approve the ‘permit to use’ for Vulcano 127 by the end of this year.

It will be followed by the procurement of new ammunitions, which is slated to conclude by the end of 2026.

Apart from the 125 frigates, Leonardo’s Vulcano 127 weapon system will also be equipped with the German Navy’s future F126 frigates. The company was selected by Damen Naval in March this year.