General Dynamics’ business unit General Dynamics Mission Systems (GDMS) has secured a contract to support the US Columbia-class and the UK Dreadnought-class future nuclear-powered submarines.

The contract has an estimated value of $272.9m for a duration of next six years.

Under this contract, GDMS will support the development, production and installation of fire control systems for the two classes of the US Navy’s and the UK Royal Navy’s (RN) nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs).

The company will also provide strategic weapons system upgrades on the existing strategic ballistic missile submarines of the US Navy and the RN.

The associated work will primarily be performed in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, US.

Work is expected to conclude by July 2028.

GDMS vice president and general manager Carlo Zaffanella said: “The US Columbia and UK Dreadnought-class submarines are of strategic importance to our nation and our allies.

“General Dynamics has been supporting previous submarine programmes for more than 65 years and we are extending our support through development, production and installation of mission critical systems for this new fleet of submarines.”

Delivery of the fire control system for the US Navy’s second and third Columbia-class SSBNs as well as for the RN’s third Dreadnought-class SSBN will handled by GDMS’ Maritime and Strategic Systems line of business.

The company will also provide the pre-deployment planning and installation support for submarines at both the US and UK sites.

Furthermore, the contract involves design completion scope of the submarines along with the continuation of design activities for the first planned refresh of the Dreadnought- and Columbia-class fire control system.

Last month, General Dynamics Electric Boat (GDEB) commenced the construction of the first Columbia-class SSBN, USS District of Columbia (SSBN 826).