The Spanish Navy’s first submarine of the S-80 series, the S-81 ‘Isaac Peral’, is set to undergo mooring trials.

Spanish state-owned shipbuilding company Navantia announced the development through a Twitter post.

Navantia is building four of the submarines at its Cartagena shipyard for the Spanish Navy.

During the mooring trials, the operation of the submarine’s propulsive line will be verified. This is conducted prior to the start of its sea ​​trials.

The submarine is powered by three bio-ethanol engines, a 3,500kW main electric engine, and a 300kW atmosphere-independent propulsion system.

The boat completed start-up of its diesel engines in November 2021, marking a new safety milestone. The start-up was carried out as part of its port testing process.

In August last year, Navantia performed the official combat system tests on S-81 at its Cartagena shipyard.

The S-80 Plus-class submarines are 81.05m long and have a submerged displacement of 3,200t.

Featuring stealth capabilities, the boats will be equipped with the integrated combat system and platform control system developed by Navantia Sistemas.

The Isaac Peral-class submarine can be equipped with the DM2A4 heavy torpedo SeaHake. It can also be armed with the UGM-84 anti-ship missile Sub-Harpoon, and SAES mines.

With the S-80 programme, Spain joins a list of countries capable of designing and building submarines.