The Finnish Ministry of Defence (MoD) has announced the purchase of 57mm naval gun systems for the Finnish Navy’s future Pohjanmaa-class corvettes.

The estimated value of this deal is approximately $13.12m (€12.6m), excluding the value added tax.

BAE Systems Bofors in Sweden has been selected as the preferred contractor for this deal.

The company has previously provided its 57mm naval gun systems, including 57Mk3 and 57A, for other Finnish Navy vessels, including Hämeenmaa-class minelayer vessels.

The current procurement activity is being carried out in coordination with Sweden.

The joint effort will allow the Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command and the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV – Försvarets Materielverk) to purchase the naval munitions together at the same time.

It will further reduce the overall cost of the procurement, while allowing the Finnish and Swedish navies to obtain compatible munitions.

BAE Systems’ 57mm naval gun system provides high survivability and tactical freedom capability to deter air, land and sea-based adversaries.

According to the Finnish MoD, the procurement of new 57mm artillery system is expected to enhance the self-protection and air defence capabilities of the Navy’s Pohjanmaa-class surface combatants that are currently under development.

The initial contract for the construction of four Pohjanmaa-class vessels was awarded to Rauma Marine Constructions in 2019 as part of the country’s Squadron 2020 project.

The new vessels will serve the requirements of the Finnish Defence Forces in the Baltic Sea region and will carry out surveillance missions to defend maritime connections and secure homeland’s territorial integrity.

In 2019, the Finnish MoD approved the proposal of Defence Forces Logistics Command to equip all the four future Pohjanmaa-class vessels with surface-to-air missile system, called ITO20.