A Naviris-coordinated consortium led by Fincantieri, Naval Group and Navantia has submitted an industrial offer for the Modular Multirole Patrol Corvette (MMPC) programme.

Submitted in response to the European Defence Fund’s (EDF) MMPC call, the offer reaffirms the companies’ commitment to jointly work towards developing the first ‘common naval capability’ in Europe.

The primary objective of the proposal is to increase synergies and partnership among European shipbuilding industrials.

The joint development of the European Patrol Corvette (EPC) is said to be the most important naval initiative within the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO).

EPC will be a fully ready surface combatant with a length of about 100m and a displacement of 3,000t.

It will be designed to conduct a range of missions.

PESCO is aimed at deepening defence cooperation between EU member states.

It is part of the EU’s security and defence policy (CSDP), where 25 of the 27 national armed forces pursue structural integration.

Italy, France, Spain and Greece are the four PESCO participating countries involved in the EPC project, with Italy, Denmark, Norway, France, Spain and Greece involved in the co-founding.

According to a joint statement released by the companies, MMPC will finally be designed as the common reference to address specific national requirements.

Earlier this year, the European Defence Agency’s Steering Board agreed to support the EPC development.