The EU Defence Fund (EDF) has awarded a subsidy to Danish Aerospace Company (DAC) for participation in the Comprehensive Underwater Intervention Information System (CUIIS) project.

Led by the Bulgarian Defense Institute, the project consortium comprises 18 companies and institutions from Denmark, Romania, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Poland, and Finland.

The CUIIS project is aimed at developing underwater technology using sensors, monitoring and control systems for military divers. This technology will be used for monitoring and rescuing military divers.

The company would receive this subsidy, alongside companies and research institutions from six other countries.

DAC note that the project is part of the EU Commission’s recently published results for the European Defense Industrial Development Program 2020 (EDIDP).

Under the project, DAC will be responsible for sensors and the underwater technology to monitor the divers’ health.

Danish Aerospace Company CEO Thomas A E Andersen said: “It is outstanding that the CUIIS project has been selected for support from the EU Defence Fund.

“This really gives us the opportunity to pursue this important strategic area which was identified at our IPO in 2019.

“Here, we can for the first time utilise our vast space experience and technologies within a completely different area and in an extreme environment on Earth. There are a lot of parallels between monitoring astronauts in space and underwater divers.

“Our internal development activities on wearable sensors have led to this point, and with the support of the EU Defence Fund, we will have the opportunity to develop and build a prototype for use by military divers.”

The project includes development, design, prototyping and a test phase. It is expected to start in autumn this year and run for three years.