Aerospace manufacturer Embraer has delivered the Brazilian Navy’s (Marinha do Brasil) seventh and final modernised AF-1 subsonic fighter jet (AF-1B).

A ceremony to mark the delivery of the aircraft was held at Embraer’s industrial unit in Gavião Peixoto, São Paulo state, Brazil.

The AF-1 is an attack and intercept aircraft, which can be operated from both the airfield and from an aircraft carrier.

The company has modernised the aircraft under the Brazilian Navy’s AF-1 programme.

The programme involved upgradation of five single-seater AF-1B and two two-seaters AF-1C jets.

Upon completion of the programme, the modernised aircraft now include new weapons, power generation, navigation, computers, sensor systems and tactical communication systems.

The Brazilian Navy’s upgraded aircraft are now equipped with multi-mode radar and a new operating system.

Further, the company worked to revitalise and modernise the aircraft’s cell to increase the life of the jet.

As part of the programme, Embraer developed a high-fidelity flight simulator for pilot training.

In addition, the company enhanced the briefing and debriefing stations to help in the training and provide proficiency to the pilots.

The enhancement of stations resulted in cost reduction and provided greater effectiveness for the planning and execution of different operations.

According to Embraer, the modernisation of aircraft provides situational awareness to the pilots and makes them familiar with the modern combat aircraft systems and operations, which are essential for the current combat scenario.