eMARINE Global has secured a KRW920m ($0.76m) contract extension for the maintenance of the South Korean Navy’s Anti-Submarine Warfare Team Trainer (ASWTT) at the Jin-Hae Naval Base.

The company stated that it has been maintaining the Republic of Korea Navy’s (ROK Navy) ASWTT virtual reality simulator since 2017.

Developed and installed more than ten years ago by Italian simulator manufacturer ECA Sindel, the technology simulates battles between warships and submarines.

ECA Group’s ASWTT system features warship rooms, a submarine simulator, a helicopter for anti-submarine warfare, and an anti-surface warfare (ASuW) operation.

eMARINE Global chairman and CEO Ung Gyu Kim said: “Our success and track record of excellence in providing maintenance for the ASWTT system, combined with good customer references, places eMARINE in an advantageous position to secure work on the second ASWTT installation planned for the Dong-Hae Naval Base.

“The new installation at Dong-Hae, scheduled to start in early 2020, is budgeted at KRW23bn ($19m) over two years.”

The company secured a contract in January last year for the provision of maintenance services for the ASWTT centre simulator at Jinhae Naval Base. eMARINE entered a technical support agreement with ECA Sindel in this connection.

eMARINE also provides maintenance and chart updates for the electronic charts display and information systems (ECDIS) installed on RoK Navy ships.

In March, the firm was awarded a contract to supply the warship version of its ECDIS to 20 Korean naval vessels, including ten navy destroyers and ten support ships.