Electric Boat Corp, a submarine manufacturer, has been awarded a $48.6m modification contract for next-generation submarine science and technology research.

The contract modification includes the addition of five new option periods, and aims to develop advanced technologies for the Virginia and Columbia submarine acquisition programs, as well as provide technology options for the next SSN class. These advancements will enhance submarine performance, operations, life cycle, and affordability.

Electric Boat Corp, a subsidiary of General Dynamics, has had contract modifications for the US Navy’s Virgina-class submarines.

GDEB wins contract modification for US Navy’s Virginia-class submarines

Under the contract terms, Electric Boat Corp will undertake various vital activities, including developing numerical modelling and simulation tools, establishing engineering analysis methods, and demonstrating component and system concepts.

The effort will also involve technology assessment and the application of shipbuilder expertise in engineering and submarine arrangements to evaluate and integrate technology into future submarine designs.

The total cumulative value of this contract, including the modification, amounts to an impressive $88.2m. Work is scheduled at Electric Boat Corp’s facilities in Groton, Connecticut, with an estimated completion date of 31 May 2028. The contracting activity for this endeavour is the Office of Naval Research, based in Arlington, Virginia.

By leveraging numerical modelling and simulation tools, Electric Boat Corp aims to enhance the performance and operational capabilities of the Virginia and Columbia submarine acquisition programs. Furthermore, developing and demonstrating innovative component and system concepts will improve the overall life cycle and affordability of future submarines.

With Electric Boat Corp at the forefront of this research and development initiative, the US Navy can anticipate integrating technologies into its submarine fleet, ensuring continued dominance in undersea warfare.

Other notable companies in the field to have been awarded submarine research contracts include Huntington Ingalls Industries. HII cut the steel for the lead Columbia-class ballistic missile submarine in 2019.